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Whether you’re new to scuba diving or looking to upgrade your dive mask, finding the best diving mask can be a daunting task. Scuba diving is a popular pastime. People of all ages are equally entranced by the desire of exploration. Shipwrecks & coral reefs, marine life & hidden caves. The beauty of life underwater is undeniable, from the exotic fish to the kelp forests. Deep sea divers especially. Testify to the addictive nature of the tranquility they feel. For the experienced scuba divers out there. They are looking for their next new dive experience. For some of you guys that are not so experienced. Below are some useful points & some answers that you are probably looking for. We have picked six of the best scuba diving masks out there based on our experience and hours of research.

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Single or Dual Lens Dive Masks…Which is Better?

We get asked all the time. Which style of scuba diving mask is better. A single large front lens, or a two lens design. Our answer is…what do you want?

The most important thing is that the mask is comfortable and fits your face correctly. Dual lens masks can sometimes be lower volume which is nice if the glass sits closer to your eyes. But in general the difference is not usually too noticeable between one lens or two. One thing to note is, that if you require prescription glasses. It is much easier to find a prescription dive mask with 2 replaceable lenses. This is due to the fact that each eye can require a different level of lens correction.

Lens size on the other hand can make a big difference. If your diving mask is too small, it can cause a claustrophobic feeling. Due to the silicone skirt and frame obscuring your peripheral vision. Panoramic style masks can certainly help alleviate this problem. In that case you might have a small seam in the corners where the side lenses join. Which can sometimes cause minor distortion. This isn’t too big of a problem for most people, but some divers are not too keen on this effect.

What Material are Masks Made From?

Diving diving masks are typically made of silicone or rubber. Although rubber may be a cheaper material. It’s important to remember that rubber is not as durable as silicone & can sometimes split. For that reason, nowadays, top rated dive mask are made from silicone.

The silicone makes the skirt much more flexible with the durability needed. It also provides a good seal around your face making leakage minimal. With wearing experience heightened.

It’s also very important to buy a model that comes with lenses made of glass if you are scuba diving. Otherwise, it may not be able to cope with the underwater pressures when descending and could potentially break.

What should I choose: A Transparent or Silicone Skirt?

This decision comes down to personal preference. A clear silicone made skirt will allow for more light. This is usually a popular option for beginners. To prevent the feeling of claustrophobia.

This is because the clear skirt can provide an open feeling and more peripheral vision. Whereas on the other hand. The Opaque dark silicon is a better choice for underwater photographers. As this tends to reduce glare. Many divers like to look at investing in double-feathered silicone.

How does a Dive Mask Work?

Dive masks are quite a simple item when all is considered. It is a silicone or rubber mask with a tempered made glass lens. Or perhaps two lenses, and a cleverly designed ‘skirt’ that seals the covered eyes and nose from the water. As you are breathing in oxygen through your scuba gear. It is essential that the nose pocket is completely sealed within.

A quality dive mask or one that fits and seals for you. Will also be adjustable for tightness and fit. A diving instructor will show you the right way to fit your dive mask so that it does the job it is intended to do. Be aware that silicone is preferable to rubber. As the rubber will deteriorate far more quickly thanks to exposure to saltwater.

Difference Between Low and High Volume Dive Masks?

Mask volume indicates the amount of air space within the mask. They each have their advantages. High volume dive masks offer a feeling of openness and also help to extend peripheral vision.

They do, however, take that little more effort to clear. Low volume diving masks, also known as low-profile dive masks. Sit closer to your face but can be cleared of water a lot quicker. A high Volume mask may be the best scuba mask for a big nose.

Difference Between a Scuba and Snorkel Mask?

What’s the difference between scuba masks and snorkel masks? There are a few requirements in order for a mask to be suitable for scuba diving. Diving masks built for scuba diving should have strong glass. Which will be able to withstand the pressures underwater.

Secondly, diving masks must have an edge skirt seal that encloses the nose. To provide the air space needed for ear equalization upon descent.

With a snorkeling mask. There are many different types of snorkeling masks available on the market. These can range from a full face snorkel mask which also covers your nose. To a mask similar to the diving and snorkeling masks listed above.

Making the choice

Because scuba diving is so popular. There are a lot of different types. Being so spoiled for choice can make finding the best diving mask a challenge. You can spend hours reading through hundreds of reviews for a single item to find the best diving mask.

This can be frustrating. We know, because we’ve been there! To make things easier for you, we did the research—so you can spend more time in the water, and less in front of your laptop.

In our experience. If loads of professionals are all giving favorable input on a piece of equipment. Chances are it is a decent piece of equipment. There are always going to be ratings that exaggerate just how good (or bad) something is. But that type of review is a minority, so we were able to filter them out for you in able to find you the top rated scuba masks.

We read thousands of reviews in preparation. That’s why we’re confident that the following our dive mask review cover some of the best dive masks available.



Aqua Lung Atlantis Single Lens Dive Mask



First on our list of best dive masks we will be reviewing is the Aqua dive mask. It has a high-volume single lens mask which provides an excellent field of view.

Available only in black, with black silicone skirt. The silicone skirt delivers an improved fit and more secure seal against the skin.

This dive mask has a shatterproof, tempered glass lens suitable for diving and snorkeling.


What worked well

  Great peripheral vision

Well constructed and sturdy

  Does not leak/let in water

  The volume in this mask makes enjoying marine life more pleasurable

  A very reliable product

  Great field of view

What didn’t

  Feels uncomfortable to wear

  Strap is quite short

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COPOZZ Scuba Mask



Second on our review is the Copozz. It comes with a fashion Integrated frame snorkel mask with double lens offers a 180 degree superior view for underwater exploration. Wide and high-grade soft silicone 3d sealing face gasket which molds perfectly to fit any face shape. Diving in style.

The dive mask comes with shatter-resistant tempered glass lenses to withstand deep water pressure. Scratch resist lens instead of polycarbonate enables you a clearer view underwater and hardly

This diving mask seals great with a wide field of view. The silicone is comfortably soft and seals on your face very well, which is the most important thing for preventing leaks.The frame looks cool.

The goggles strap attaches to the skirt instead of the frame as this allows for a variety of face shapes and the mask should seal very well with many of them. With a wider nicely shaped skirt that helps to seal and prevent leaking. 

Simply pull the snorkel mask straps to desired fit and the buckle will hold the straps securely in place. Adjust to fit any swimmer. Perfect for snorkeling, diving, swim training, etc. 


What worked well

  Strap tightness is very easy to adjust

  Was super comfortable

  Good clear tempered glass

  The silicone is comfortably soft and seals the face very well

  Allows for a nice wide view

  Mask is very well constructed


What didn’t

Does not form a proper seal

  Prone to fogging

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 Liberty Triside SPE


The Liberty Triside features a wide mono front lens with 2-sided lenses to ensure a panoramic view without interruption. The result is a mask that allows maximum light and feels as open as the ocean itself. All lenses are tempered glass for the best clarity. The skirt is made in hypoallergenic silicone to ensure comfort and a perfect seal. It is a breeze to adjust the length of the strap thanks to the two buttons on the buckle, which can also be used while wearing gloves.

3-window mask made with Tempered Glass, Low Volume Design, Easy to Clear. Ideal for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

Skirt & Strap made in 100% Silicone combined for Perfect Fit and Seal on Face.The strap Push-Button Swivel Buckles: make Adjustments Easy and Fast.

Easy Access One-Handed Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization.with spray Painted Effect colored frame that makes the mask elegant and beautiful to see.


What worked well

  The field of vision is unobstructed

  No fogging or leaking

  Feels comfortable

  Sturdy quality product

  Fits the face well

  The bands of blue and grey make this mask look very cool


What didn’t

  The front top inside of the mask has a hard plastic part that digs into your forehead

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SCUBAPRO Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask


The Scubapro is a modern low profile, clear and open-view single lens mask.

This dive mask has a dual colored frameless single-lens design for significantly increased field of vision with crystal clear double sealed silicone skirt for superior fit and comfort.

It has a non-slip strap with an easy adjustable buckle. Tempered glass lens with a low volume design.


What worked well

  Large field of view

  The seal was great

  No water leakage

  Very easy to clear the mask when removing the fog (rarely needed with this mask) or equalizing.

  Great quality, and great fit

  Soft silicon molds to your facial landscape.


What didn’t

  Nose bridge far too short. Extremely hurts

  Does not fit well with facial hair

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Scuba Choice Low Volume Black Silicone Mask


Scuba choice delivers this dive mask with tempered glass lenses, that have a Low volume special design for free dive use.

The dive mask has a silicone skirt and adjustable strap. This mask is ideal for narrow face people and women.

The silicone skirt size: 4-3/4″ wide.


What worked well

  The low volume fit is great

  The field of view is good

  Seals well with facial hair

  As comfortable as more expensive brands

  Fits very well

  No leaks 


What didn’t

  Material is poor & breaks

  Lenses are plastic & break

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Atomic Venom Frameless Mask


The new Venom Frameless provides divers a high-quality optics, and style. This new mask complements the popular Atomic Aquatics Venom mask and incorporates the signature ‘Wicked’ styling recognizable on SV series snorkels and Bladefin fins. The Venom Frameless expands the current Atomic Aquatics mask line that includes Venom, Frameless 2, and SubFrame models, giving divers more options to fit different face sizes and shapes. 

The mask is available in Gray/Black and Red/Black colors. The Venom Frameless mask skirt and face seal is uniquely designed to incorporate two different silicone materials. Exclusive ‘Gummi Bear UltraSoft’ silicone creates an incredibly soft and comfortable face seal. A second, more rigid silicone skirt material keeps the mask firmly positioned in even the most turbulent conditions. 

The exclusive Schott Superwite UltraClear single lens allows up to 96% of available light to reach the eyes. The large single window computer-designed lens is optical-quality and distortion-free to maximize upward, downward and side-to-side vision. The Schott Superwite UltraClear lens is crystal clear when compared to the impure green glass used in many competitor’s masks.


What worked well

  Fits people with more bigger noses without pressing against the bridge of the nose

  Extremely comfortable and soft

  The vision and field of view are exceptional

  Didn’t leak even around facial hair

  It fits so nicely and stays clear

  The soft edge provides a very good comfortable seal.


What didn’t

Fogs up a lot despite treatment

  Too shallow for some faces

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We hope after reading our review of the best diving mask. You found it provided you with some useful details. We want to help you to make a decision that will make your next dive experience a great one.


Out of the six best diving mask, we have reviewed them. We found, that the Aqua Lung to be our choice. First it had some great reviews & feedback. We found that it was comfortable and was well constructed. It provided great vision, which after all is the most important point when choosing a mask.  Everyone wants to have a great view of what is below the waves. Overall we all agreed this best dive mask was very reliable. With little poor feedback. When compared to others.

Click here to look at it for yourselves.


We would love to hear your thoughts & feedback on masks you have purchased.



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