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Cheap or mediocre snorkel gear can make or break a well-planned snorkeling trip. Imagine your mask constantly leaking or fogging up while trying to enjoy the beautiful sites. Beyond being a simple distraction, a leaky mask can ruin your experience altogether because of poor visibility. The same goes for a low quality snorkel. Settling for a model that doesn’t have a one-way valve will leave you gulping mouthfuls of saltwater. We spent a number of hours researching the best snorkel sets out there ensuring the sets we chose all had great feedback and when the silt finally settled we made our choice. Take a look at our review and see what your choice will be.

  • Removable adjustable snorkel keeper for securing to any mask.
  • Dry-top valve seals breathing tube when submerged.
  • Food-grade comfortable liquid silicone mouthpiece Flexible lower bore reduces jaw fatigue.

The ZEEPORTE aquatics dry snorkel comes with all the features you would expect from a high-quality dry snorkel. The top has a splash guard and a float mechanism that prevents the entry of water when submerged. It allows drivers to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef below without worrying about water in your airway. Anti-leak and anti-fogging snorkel mask are fully adjustable to fit perfectly on any face, providing a 180°Panoramic view. The soft elastomer foot pocket is shaped for an ergonomic and comfortable fit.

  • Dual chamber breathing
  • Anti leak dry top system, with soft medical grade silicone 
  • Foldable tube, with 180 panoramic view

Includes adjustable swimming fins, travel size created. Featuring a folding tube, this ultra compact snorkeling set fits even your hand luggage. Designed with separate inhale and exhale chambers, the snorkel mask adult prevents fogging, so you can breathe smoothly & swim longer. Our snorkel masks full face feature a flat lens that offers you a clear 180° view. The Cozia Design engineering team brought up the perfect snorkeling mask full face. Shaped from strong polycarbonate plastic and soft medical grade silicone around the face, seals up instantly for a safe, no leak fit. Anyone can swim using our snorkel gear for adults. 

  • 180°Panoramic View Diving Mask
  • Free Breathing Dry Top Snorkel
  • Flexible Adjustable Swim Flippers with a quick dry mesh bag

Snorkel set includes swim goggles with nose cover, dry top anti-splash snorkel and adjustable swim fins. The big two-window design of a snorkel mask gives you a panoramic underwater view. The anti fog technology used for lenses make you have an unobstructed vision; qualified tempered glasses can withstand the water pressure while snorkeling and diving. Soft silicone skirt well sealed to prevent it from leaking, adjustable straps offer a just suitable wear experience. Dry top snorkel installs a floating ball in the top to keep water from inflowing when the tube is immersed in water. In addition, a lower drainage valve allows water to be quickly expelled so that it won’t influence your breath. Even for beginners, it will help a lot for breathing underwater. Food grade non-toxic mouthpieces won’t cause an uncomfortable smell or feeling for using. The long and wide blades maximize power of every kick by using minimal effort and translate it into speed. The open toe and drop shaped mesh instep design of fins provides multi channels for drainage to help you speed up and reduce resistance. Its open heel with adjustable straps can fit different foot types and sizes.

  • Wide field of vision
  • Snorkel kit comes with a mesh bag
  • Dry Snorkel even when submerged

These snorkeling fins are easy to get on and off your feet thanks to a quick-release strap system. Angle of blade is optimized for maximum thrust with minimal effort. Center groove on each fin channels water to enhance Glide. Mask features beveled sides that provide a wide field of vision and an adjustable head strap with quick-release buckles. Specialized Dry top prevents water from entering snorkel even if submerged, ensuring you won’t be surprised by inhaling an errant wave.

  • Double Feathered Skirt Edge
  • Easy clear purge valve
  • Easy adjustable fins with drawstring bag

Set includes Cressi Italian Made Palau Short Adjustable Fins, Cressi Italian Made Marea Dual Lens Tempered Glass Mask, Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel, Cressi Drawstring Closure Mesh Bag. The mask has dual Tempered Glass Lenses, Double Feathered Skirt Edge, 100% Clear High Quality Silicone, Extraordinary Comfort and Fit, Wide Field of View, Micrometric Easy Adjust Buckles. With anti-Splash Dry Top Design, Top Seals when Submerged, Easy Clear Purge Valve, Replaceable Mouthpiece, Silicone Mouthpiece & Corrugated Tube, Quick Release Snorkel Keeper. Excellent Comfort and Versatility, Blade Delivers Excellent Thrust with a Modest Kicking Effort, Blade Extends from Top of Foot Pocket for Maximum Surface Area, Quick Adjust. Drawstring Closure w/Barrel Lock Fastener, Dimensions: (L x W) 29.5″ x 10.8″ (75cm x 27.5cm)

  • Two-Windowed Mask, Low Volume Design, Wide Field of Vision, Extremely Durable and Strong Construction.
  • Maximum Underwater Vision and Intake of Light, Crystal Clear Double Feathered Edge Silicone, Swivel Push-Button Buckles for Easy.

Rapido Boutique Collection Otimo Duo Lens Tempered Glass Construction Mask Dry Snorkel Set is the go-to choice for an incredible scuba snorkeling experience this season. Designed with a patented airflow system and a dry top snorkel, this snorkeling set ensures you breathe easily. When you learned how to dive your instructor told you the most important part of choosing equipment was comfort and fit. When looking for a mask you also need a great field of vision well this mask was designed to meet those and more desirable qualities. The Otimo Duo Two-Windowed Mask is a low volume mask which offers you a wide field of vision and because of its frame design is one of the most durable masks found on the market today. Drastic reduction in the internal volume, while keeping the lenses close to the eyes. Easy-adjust buckle system for a secure and comfortable fit. The Senhora Dry Snorkel, Completely redesigned with more refined and streamlined element, allowing the valve to close quicker than any other dry snorkel. The new barrel shape makes the snorkel more streamlined in the water.

  • The snorkel mask features the anti-fog HD tempered glass and food grade silicon face skirt
  • The snorkel tube features a floating valve to avoid water entering. Normally it is full-dry snorkel, but you can remove the dry valve to be semi-dry.

The snorkel tube features a floating valve to prevent water from entering. The dry valve can be removed so you can instantly switch between semi-dry and full-dry. The full-dry snorkel is recommended for beginners and youths, and the semi-dry for professional divers. This snorkeling set has a fully adjustable head elastic and food grade liquid silicone face skirt can meet many face shapes, scuba mask could create a watertight with the diver’s face. Ideal for scuba divers. The diving goggle is made of single tempered glass, which has a greater field of view. HD tempered film of diving masks has undergone special anti-fog process and impact testing. Food grade liquid silicone skirt is bonded directly to the single tempered glass, to form a frameless design for excellent seal on the face. The snorkel set can be used for a long time, without causing chin fatigue and any odor. So many divers love the frameless mask because of the low-profile and comfortable use.

  • Anti-fog for clear viewing with one-window polycarbonate lens
  • Comfort-fit liquid silicone skirt
  • Foldable & Completely dry snorkel

The Keystand mask and snorkel set is perfect for snorkeling, recreational swimming, and underwater exploring has everything you need for your next snorkeling adventure. The snorkel features a splash top and a one-way purge valve for clear breathing. Offer a secure, customizable comfort, and unforgettable snorkeling. Includes a snorkel mask, a breathe-easy dry snorkel and a convenient storage case. The dry snorkel that features innovative breathe-easy technology to keep air out, feel safer while you explore underwater with the fog-resistant mask and . Great for a day at the beach or to take with you on vacation, this compact snorkel set will become your new favorite swimming accessory.

  • High clarity & safety with collapsible snorkel
  • Anti-fog comfortable & safe mask
  • Food grade silicone material

This mask has a very soft liquid silicone skirt that reduces the pressure on your face and seals your face well without worrying about leakage. Provides a HD Panoramic view on your underwater adventure. In addition, the lens is made of high quality and anti-fog. Toughened glass allows you to see all the underwater creatures, crystal clear. Ratcheting buckle and comfortable elastic strap of the diving mask can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. The maximum of head strap is 16.54 inches.

  •  Full dry top snorkel can eliminate water entry when submerged.
  •  Tempered glass lenses can resist scratching & withstand deep-water pressures.
  •  The big eyes mask provides wider clear vision and brings childs a pleasant and interesting diving experience.

The frame width of this kids snorkel mask is 15 cm. Durable tempered glass lens, provides best protection for your eyes. It resist scratching and withstand deep-water pressures. Adjustable strap and buckle meet the need of different head size. The headband suitable adjustment range is about head size 49-54 cm. The clip is to help to hold the mask and snorkel more stably. Lower purge (blow) valve enables quick expelling of any water from inside tube. Just need to pinch the silicone snorkel tube section and then blow hard to discharge the water.

Choosing the Best Snorkel Gear

The most important thing when you go on a snorkel trip is that you feel safe, and having the right gear is a big part of that. Cheap or mediocre snorkel gear can turn a fun trip into a very frustrating experience. No one wants to miss a cool animal sighting because their mask was leaking or fogging, and no one wants to be uncomfortable in the water because they’re fighting with fins that won’t stay on or a snorkel that’s not keeping the water out.

The goal is to buy gear that fits well, stays where it should be and won’t leak or fog.


If you plan on using your snorkel equipment more than once, I highly recommend purchasing durable gear.

As mentioned above, less expensive gear typically isn’t as long lasting as gear you pay a higher price for. If you’re an avid snorkeler or even plan to take a long trip on the water, it’s worth investing in gear that will last you through your trip and beyond.

The most durable snorkel gear is made of silicon. Stay away from pieces made from plastic or PVC as they’re less reliable and more prone to breakage. This applies not only to the snorkel, but to your mask as well.

You can also determine the durability (or at least dependability) of snorkel gear by checking the warranty. Many high quality, reputable brands will offer 1 to 2 years coverage, while the more fault-prone gear may not have any coverage at all.

What snorkeling gear do you need?

High-quality mask that has a food-grade silicone skirt, tempered glass lenses and easy-to-adjust buckles. Good snorkel tube that guarantees effortless breathing and comes with a splashguard or dry-top. A pair of good fitting snorkeling fins that are comfortable and efficient Additionally, a set may include an extra carry bag too that fits all the equipment for easy storing and transport.

How to choose a snorkel set?

If you ask us what is the best snorkel set to buy, we say the one that fits your personal priorities, traveling style, snorkeling habits, and of course your budget the most. The snorkel gear selection is extremely wide nowadays, so to help with your decision, here are some useful aspects you should be going through when choosing a mask-snorkel-fins kit.

Buying a quality snorkel set is important in order to stay safe and have fun in the water

Check the mask design, look for face shape recommendations

There are 2-window and single-lens snorkeling mask models available. The classic 2-window models are the most common, however single-lens versions provide a wider field of view. You can choose an Easybreath type model too that covers the whole face, but make sure to read what type of full-face masks are safe to use.

Select a snorkel type

There are different snorkels on the market, classical J-type, semi-dry and dry snorkel versions. For casual snorkeling, the best is to buy a semi-dry or dry snorkel set that prevents water from entering the tube. Should you need more information on this topic, read our full post on the types of snorkels.

Decide on the fins type

Your snorkeling fins make you swim faster and also help to navigate in the water. Long-blade models are more powerful, while the short trek fins are more compact.

Choose a snorkel set for travel that comes with short-blade fins if you want to put it in your carry-on hand luggage. If you expect to snorkel often in strong current where having powerful fins is crucial, get long fins.

Snorkeling goggles or snorkeling mask

Without an underwater snorkel mask or a scuba mask you can’t really see much in the water. So a snorkel mask is your main piece of snorkel equipment. Goggles for snorkeling consist of one or two lenses, a frame, a silicone skirt, strap keepers and a snorkel mask strap. A relatively new snorkel mask design is the frameless mask, where the skirt is attached directly to the lens. The quality of the components depends on the price. A good snorkel mask has a silicone skirt and tempered glass lenses, which makes it very durable. When cleaned well after each use and treated carefully, a good quality snorkel mask can be used for years. The mask in a cheap snorkeling gear set often has PVC skirts and a plastic lens.

Snorkel Mask

The first and most important step in selecting the right snorkel gear set is the mask. We’ll cover some considerations to help you choose the right one for you.


The portion lining the snorkeling mask is called the skirt. The skirt should have an airtight suction around your face, preventing leaks. Dealing with a leaky mask while attempting to snorkel can cause frustration and fatigue as you constantly manipulate it, treading water, instead of effortlessly floating on top of the water.

If you are able to try on various masks in person, gently place it against you face while holding your breath. The ideal masks should cling to your face without you having to inhale deeply or strap it on.

If the mask has a proper fit, there is no need to over-tighten the strap, making it more comfortable. Men, who intend to snorkel with a clean-shaven face, should try masks on in the same condition to ensure the same fit.

Consider the material of the skirt when choosing the right mask. Plastic skirts are lower quality and more prone to tears and leaks than silicone skirts and are typically what you will find in “complementary” or rental sets. Silicon makes for the best seal and keeps water out.

Lens Quality and Visibility

The main reason you have chosen to embark on a snorkeling adventure is to see the amazing underwater life. If you have poor visibility through the lens of your mask, you will undoubtedly be disappointed with your experience. Typically, lenses are made of either plastic or glass. Impact-resistant glass is by far the highest quality lens available.

The classic “old style” lens is one lens fitting the eyes in the same compartment. The more modern version of the one lens mask provides a modest separation between the nose and eyes, though they are still within the same lens.

If you are looking for a complete split between the nose and eyes, considering choosing a split or two lens mask. This is a higher quality mask allowing for a better seal against the face. Take it a step further by adding windows to your snorkel mask with the three or four lens mask.

Snorkeling with Glasses

It may not come as a surprise, but you can’t snorkel with your glasses on. The temples break the seal of the mask and water will flow in. Even with a full face mask it’s not possible to wear glasses underwater. Of course that’s not to say people who wear glasses can’t snorkel. There are a few solutions. If you snorkel often and perhaps also scuba dive an optical snorkel mask might be a good idea. It’s also possible to wear lenses underwater. If you’re only slightly visually impaired, you might not need any correction as objects in water appear 33% larger and 25% closer.

Full snorkel set

Types of snorkels

The second piece of your snorkel gear is the snorkel itself. Unlike scuba divers, who have a tank of compressed air and a regulator to breathe through, snorkelers need to be close to the surface to breathe. Basically, the snorkel is just a tube that sticks out of the water and allows the snorkeler to draw air. There are a few different types of snorkels.

Traditional snorkels

The ‘traditional’ snorkel, also called a classic snorkel or a J-snorkel, is nothing more than a J-shaped tube with a mouthpiece. This is the cheapest snorkel on the market, but can be uncomfortable because the snorkel tube isn’t flexible. If a J-snorkel gets fully submersed, there’s nothing to stop the water from flowing in and since it doesn’t have a purge valve, you need to exhale quite forcefully to get the water out again.

Flexible snorkel with purge valve

Of course, a snorkel can never be fully flexible. It needs a rigid piece that sticks out of the water. With a flexible snorkel however, the bottom part is flexible to assure a better fit. This is much more comfortable if you’re wearing a snorkel mask. Flexible snorkels generally also have a purge valve at the bottom. The purge valve makes it easier to clear the water out of the snorkel, as the water doesn’t have to go out all the way at the top. Another benefit of a flexible snorkel is that it simply falls sideways when you release the mouthpiece. This makes this type of snorkel comfortable to scuba dive with.

Semi Dry Snorkel or dry snorkel

A flexible snorkel can also be a semi dry or a dry top snorkel. Semi dry means that the snorkel has a splash guard at the top of the snorkel tube which prevents spray and surface water from entering. The splash guard on a semi dry snorkel will not block the water if the tube is fully submerged. A valve at the top of dry snorkels, such as the Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel, prevents any water from entering when fully submerged. A tiny amount of water might seep in, but it’s such a small amount that it’s easy to clear. A major drawback however is that due to dust and sand the dry mechanism may disfunction, making it hard to breathe.


Fins are the propulsion system in snorkeling. A good pair of fins can increase your speed up to fifty percent and decrease fatigue significantly.

Many people overlook purchasing personal fins, only to be disappointed with the cheap fins available to rent (or complimentary provided by snorkeling excursions).

It is always better to spend a little extra time and money finding fins that properly fit and feel comfortable in order to maximize your snorkeling experience.

Open Heel vs Closed Foot

Fins comes in two basic styles: open heel fins and full foot fins. Open heel fins are adjustable in size, which can provide a more secure fit. However, they leave the snorkeler’s heel unprotected.

Full-foot fins keep the heel safe, but are not adjustable, thus it is difficult to get a secure fit. It comes down to personal preference and determining what the snorkeler finds most comfortable.

Exposure Protection for Snorkelers 

For many snorkelers, visiting tropical destinations, “exposure protection” may simply be swimwear and lots of Reef Safe Sunscreen. However, to ensure the best protection against sunburn, as well as prevent scrapes and stings, we suggest you cover your skin by wearing a rash guard with a high UPF rating. It will effectively block the harmful radiation and even provide a bit of warmth for extended snorkeling trips. As for the rashguard style, there are a variety of options you can choose from – short-sleeved, sleeveless or full-sleeved tops, shorts, pants, and even full body suits. You can go for any style you like, but remember, the areas most susceptible to sunburn during snorkeling are your neck, shoulders, waist, and calves, so it’s best to have them covered.     

For cooler waters, you will want to get a neoprene wetsuit (either a shorty or a full-length) to keep you warm. To find out more information on this check out our article on how wetsuits work.

Snorkel set in action

Care and maintenance

If you want your gear to last and fit well, here are some tips, straight from the mouths of our experts:

Always rinse and store your gear after use. Chlorine, sun, and salt can ultimately degrade and stiffen silicone. Sand will get into everything, making for sticky valves.

Anti-fog compounds for plastic swim goggles are different from those of glass dive masks. Do not use them interchangeably.

Some masks build up a microscopically thin film of off-gassed silicone molecules on the lenses by the time the mask reaches you. This can make it fog easily. Wear it around the house for awhile. If it fogs heavily, consider cleaning the inside with a white, nonabrasive toothpaste, then rinse it very well.

Test a new set for failure points before you travel.

Breathing through a mouth snorkel is not a natural feeling. So if you’re not experienced with snorkeling, take your new set to the pool to practice in the shallow end.

Don’t ratchet your mask down too tight. It will generally seal better if the skirt is just gently pressing against your face.

If you decide to take a “resort diving” course be sure it is a “Discover Scuba” course certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Feel free to ask the instructor a leading question or two: “I hear there’s some really cool coral down at 70 feet, we can go down that deep, right?” If the instructor answers in the affirmative, run.

Snorkeling should be a low-energy pursuit. Don’t overdo it.

If you’re not experienced with snorkeling, take your new set to the pool to practice in the shallow end. Want a watertight mask? Shave. Absent that, a thick coating Vaseline on your beard or mustache can help keep out the water.

Anti-fog compounds can irritate your eyes. A good layer of wet, old-fashioned spit rubbed in the lenses can work as a pretty good surfactant, spreading out water molecules in a microscopic layer so they won’t fog.

After spending a great deal of time in the water with these snorkel sets, we’d strongly recommend investing in a snorkeling vest, especially if you’ll be snorkeling in open water, wind, or currents. These unobtrusive little lifesavers can be inflated by mouth to give you buoyancy if you’re fatigued. You might also consider buying a pair of neoprene socks for protection from sharp reef, shells, and blisters.

Snorkeling Accessories

Snorkeling Vest

A snorkeling vest is a great tool for beginners and more experienced snorkelers alike. It will help new snorkelers feel more confident in the water and allow seasoned snorkelers to take it easy and reduce fatigue during long snorkeling trips. What’s more, in many places around the world local laws require snorkelers to wear a vest, so check if it’s the case in the destination you are planning to visit. 


Entanglement is typically not a big risk during snorkeling but if you are visiting areas where sea kelp or old fishing nets can pose a hazard, having some sort of a cutting tool is a good idea. Choose a small knife that can be attached to your lower leg or go for a line cutter.

Snorkeling Bag

A well-made snorkeling bag with padded backpack straps can really make your shoulders happier when walking or hiking to the snorkeling site. A good-sized mesh bag will hold all your snorkeling gear, keeping it organized and allowing it to dry.

Diving Light

Although you snorkel through the day, having a diving light can help you if you choose to dive down and look around the coral.

Waterproof Camera

Another piece of gear we recommend adding to your snorkeling set is a waterproof camera. You’ll definitely want something to capture all those epic underwater sights and once in a lifetime marine life encounters.

Not only can you use this to remember and identify what you saw snorkeling, but you can also use the evidence to encourage all your friends and family to join you! Check out some great diving cameras here.

Neoprene socks

And lastly, a pair of neoprene socks are a great addition to your snorkeling set.

They’ll help keep your feet warm and comfortable when snorkeling for longer sessions.  Especially if you’re wearing open-heel snorkeling fins.

Once you’ve used them once, you’ll always want to  snorkel with them!

Follow all the tips in this article, and you won’t get disappointed or feel that your money hasn’t been spent in the wrong way.

We would love to hear your thoughts & feedback on masks you have purchased.

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