The Best Wetsuits out there today for all water sports

What to look for when choosing your best wetsuits

It is easy to get excited by the first cool looking wetsuit you find. But buying the first one you see may mean you end up with the wrong kind of suit for the sort of diving you plan on doing. Or worse it just does not fit, which means it will let too much water in. We have spent over 40hrs reviewing the best wetsuits out there for you. So when you look through the best wetsuits we have reviewed below you can rest assured we have picked the ideal selection from you to choose from. Here are a few things you need to think about when looking for the best wetsuits out there.

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How Should A Wetsuit Fit?

To get the best wetsuit fit is a very important aspect to consider when buying a wetsuit. If your wetsuit does not fit properly. It will not allow you the mobility you need or be able to keep you warm in cold water.

A wetsuit should fit you like a second skin with no excessive bunching in the arms or legs or sagging in the back of the wetsuit. It should fit tight to keep a thin layer of water between your suit and body. If your suit is loose in any way. An abundance of water will flush through, making the suit less effective at keeping you warm.

(consult brand specific charts for wetsuits for the best way to help find the correct wetsuit fit. This will help you pick the best wetsuits for yourself)

After you have your wetsuit on there should be no excess room in the torso, crotch, shoulders or knees. A proper fitting wetsuit will be challenging to put on when dry especially for a full suit. (Pro Tip: Keeping your socks on will allow your feet to slide in much easier!)

Once on, lift your arms over your head and stretch out your shoulders in the wetsuit. This move should only be slightly restricting. If you feel like a lot of pressure during this movement then the suit is too small.

If you have the best wetsuit for you. You should be able to squat down and move your arms easily. (wetsuits above 5/4mm are inherently restrictive).

Thermal Protection with Scuba Wetsuits

The temperature underwater isn’t consistent. It all depends on the location of your dive site. Water temperatures near the equator can vary from really warm to icy cold, for instance. Wearing  wetsuits insulates your body from the unpredictable temperatures underwater. Then protects it from elements.

Wetsuits are insulation suits made from neoprene. This is a porous material made up of millions of tiny nitrogen bubbles designed to keep you warm in cold water. A neoprene wetsuit contains fabric or spray linings. That add style, strength, and flexibility so that you can slip it on easily.

Divers can choose from different wetsuits styles that differ in terms of warmth, versatility, and thickness, understanding what the best wetsuit for what you are using it for and where. A full body wetsuit or full suit covers the arms and legs. While shorties are one-piece wetsuits that have short sleeves and thigh or knee-length legs. Another option would be two-piece wetsuits. These provide ultimate insulation properties when used together.


Temperature range for various wetsuit Seals

Flatlock Wetsuit Stitching

Recommended for use in water that is above 62℃. Lies flat against your body, causing no discomfort yet may let in a little water.

Sealed Wetsuit Seams(Glued and Blind stitched)

Recommended for use in water that is 55℃ & higher. This suit has stitched panels that are glued and then blind stitched. This seam style will let in very little water

Sealed and Taped Wetsuit Seams(Glued, Blind stitched and 100% Taped)

Recommended for use in water that is 55℃ and below. This stitch is glued and then blind stitched. But it also contains interior seam taping the wetsuit. The interior taping will add durability. Reinforce the seam & prevent any cold water from seeping through.

Back Zip Wetsuits

One of the more classic solutions with the zipper going down the length of the spine with a long cord attached. so you can zip yourself in and out, which we all know can be a bit of a struggle. The advantage of the back zip is that, relative to the other styles, it is typically the easiest to enter and exit on a full suit. This is quite important when you are trying to get into something that is skin tight.

The disadvantage is that water can get through the seams on the back zip. Freezing water down your back is not something you want. Also when bending forward, the suit will go taut in the back as the zipper lacks any give. Which may restrict movement.

Chest Zip Wetsuits

With the chest zip suit. You enter through a zippered cutout around the neck and you drop down into the suit through the neckline. Before pulling the neck cut over your head and zipping closed. Chest zips are definitely more trickier to enter & exit out of the two suits. However the chest zip is superior at keeping water from penetrating the suit. Through the neckline and seams. The chest zip may also be a more comfortable fit. once on with a snug neck & with the zipperless back yields a greater level of flexibility

Zipperless Wetsuits

Found mainly on lightweight wetsuits and neoprene tops. These suits prioritize mobility over warmth. By eliminating the lack of flex found with zipped suits and stitching. This is a good solution if you have issues with mobility. The entry point for zipperless wetsuits can be found around the chest or neck area. Usually secured by a small zipper or velcro.

Best wetsuit for wetsuit thickness & wetsuit comfort is best. the wetsuit wetsuit wetsuit wetsuit wetsuit

Comfort for wetsuits

It is a pretty standard rule in buying the best wetsuits, if you buy the right size, a wetsuit should be comfortable. But if comfort is top on your list of priorities. Looking for the best wetsuit. With super flexible panels of neoprene around the hips, knees, elbows, and crutch. Many manufacturers combine thicker neoprene on the torso. With thinner neoprene in key areas to make the suit more comfortable.

Okay so let’s look at six of the best wetsuits we have reviewed for you!


The Guardian warrior Full Wetsuit


GuardianⅠ Warrior Full Wetsuit For Men. The Guardian Ⅰ Warrior Wetsuit is specially designed for adult men diving enthusiasts. In cold water, a wetsuit can keep the body extra warm. The working principle of the best diving suits is that when water enters the clothes, and then leaves a thin layer of water on the body. Then the body keeps moving to generate heat, heating and keeping the body warm.

GuardianⅠGoddess Full Wetsuit For Women. The Guardian Ⅰ Goddess Wetsuit is specially designed for adult women diving enthusiasts. It is made of 3 mm neoprene + nylon elastic fabric. It is healthy, soft and comfortable, and skin-friendly. Flatlock stitching, the line is delicate and neat. GuardianⅠWarrior full men wetsuits can keep you warm, help you float more easily, and help you master swimming and diving skills faster.

igorⅠSpirit Full Wetsuit For Kids. The Vigor Spirit Wetsuits are specially designed for kids. If your kids are lucky enough to have a wetsuit, your kids can swim, surf or scuba diving at any time. The 3mm neoprene wetsuits are worn suitable for 50℉- 67℉.

What works well

  Provides a good fit

  Well constructed

  Durable & comfortable

  No abrasions

  Great value for money

  Retains warmth well

  Retains heat well


What didn’t

  Not accurate size description

  Flushing through neck & sleeves

  Zipper not strong enough

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O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3 mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Second on our list is the Epic from O’neills wetsuit, which is made from Neoprene Rubber Imported. It has a back zip System which provides easy entry & exit with A watertight seal. The ultra Stretch Neoprene is incredibly soft, the premium material has the best feel, flexibility, & elevates performance.

Seams are blind stitched & triple glued (GBS); keeping water out & increases durability of the product. This suit has wind-resistant fluidflex firewall panels which provide extra insulation & protection against the cold with wetsuits thickness of 4/3 mm 100% ultraFlex neoprene with FluidFlex ™ Firewall Glued and Blind stitched Seam Construction, which seems to really make the difference when resisting the cold. Strategic seamless paddle zone helps with the comfort. Along with the lumbar Seamless Design and Krypto Knee Padz.

Internal Thermo Chest Panel for increased insulation which again helps with the cold. This suit also has a double double super seal neck, fully adjustable and watertight.


What worked well

  In cold temperatures keeps you warm with the 4 3mm

  Arms & legs fit well for tall people

  Good quality & thickness

  Good value for money

  Easy on & off

  Size guide is spot on

  Feels like a second skin


What didn’t

  Seams to wear easily in crotch area

  Users have reported poor manufacturing quality 

  Problems with zipper

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Lemorecn Mens Neoprene 3/2mm and 5/4mm Full Body Diving Suit for Men


Now we have a wetsuit from Lemorecn, this suit is designed for comfort and warmth , while also featuring high quality premium neoprene material and flatlock seams. An anatomically cut pattern provides a glove-like fit and patterned to fit the widest variation of sizes and shapes. This wetsuit comes with necessary features like knee pads, extra-long leash.

Ideal for long-lasting mobility of diving, surfing, snorkeling and virtually all underwater and topside watersports; perfect in all conditions from warm to temperate, and even cold water. The wetsuit is spot taped at stress points and flatlock seams provide a smooth interior and exterior surface to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Constructed with premium neoprene for a comfortable and athletic fit. Wetsuit thickness is 3/2 mm neoprene for warmth without sacrificing flexibility.3 mm chest panel for added warmth and 2mm sleeves for greater flexibility. It also features an easy-reach, extra-long leash & easy on with heavy-duty YKK back zipper.


What works well

 Keeps you warm in water temperatures of around 60℃

  Comfortable fit

  Long tail on zipper works well, zips up easily 

  The water does not rush in & keeps water out well

  Great maneuverability

  Fits tall people well


What didn’t

 A bit loose around the wrist & ankles

  Zipper breaks easily

  A number of user have reported small holes in the seems

  Not suitable for very cold waters

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ZCCO Wetsuits Men’s 3 mm Premium Neoprene Full Sleeve Dive Skin 


So next up is a wetsuit from ZCCO, this mens wetsuit is made with premium material including 90% CR Neoprene 10%nylon and spandex. Which provides sufficient flexibility, while using eco-friendly materials. The wetsuit thickness is 3 mm neoprene which gives the diving suit ample thermal protection. Extra padding in the chest and knee area provide the best protection. 

ZCCO states that their suit provides UV protection, waterproof effect and will help you float in water as it is being neoprene.Prevent damage from creatures in the water.

The diving suit is durable, it has a  Heavy duty YKK Zipper with zipper pull/hook-and loop closure at back is easy on and off, flatlock seams provide you a smooth and abrasion resistance surf suit. It also comes with anti-abrasion shoulder and knee pads to provide extra strength.

With a unique design, the suit has an adjustable fit around the neck. The neck is Round & cuff with smooth leather design which reduces friction on the skin, no gaps & reduced water intake.

Designed for all water sports like diving, spearfishing ,scuba, stand-up paddle boarding, wave surfing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, canoeing, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing.

What works well

 Looks pretty cool!

Fits well around the neck, arms & legs

  Very well made 

  Fits like a second skin

  Felt heat in the suit in cool waters

  Size chart is accurate 

  A great fit

  Did we say it looks cool!

What didn’t

  Damages easily

  Crotch rides up too high

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Seavenger 3 mm Odyssey Wetsuit 


The seavenger wetsuit has a super-stretch material in the spots you need it most lets you move freely without hindrance. From paddling out to dropping in, the Odyssey wetsuit moves with you through every wave.

Good for 65°F and with the wetsuit thickness of 3 mm neoprene fabric insulates your body in temperate waters to keep you comfortable during every adventure. Wear it alone or layer it under a dry suit for colder temperatures.

The flat-lock stitching is designed to lay smooth against your skin to create a tight layer of insulation against your skin for maximum thermal retention, reduced chafing and longer use. The convenient back zip features a gusseted zipper with an extra-long leash for easy entry every time. Spend less time gearing up and more time in the water. The Seavenger Odyssey wetsuit is designed to fit tightly for maximum insulation and more comfortable movement.

The design also has super-stretch panels in the knee and armpit make it great for triathlon use.


What works well

  The wetsuit is super comfortable

  Protects from the sun 

  Easy to zip up & down

  Comfortable to wear for long periods

  Durable during deep dives of 100Ft

What didn’t

  Size chart quite inaccurate

  The fit between the torso & appendage are disproportionate

  Tight at wrist & ankles  

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O’Neill Men’s Reactor II 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit


The next wetsuit on our review is another one from O’Neill, this, the Reactor II. Made with Neoprene rubber imported,with zipper closure.

Ideal Entry Level Value Driven Wetsuit, perfect for surfing, diving, paddle sports, lake activities, & beach days.

Backzip system provides easy entry exit with A water resistant closure, ultra stretch neoprene: incredibly soft premium material has superior feel, flexibility, & elevates performance. Seamless paddle zones’s flexible design utilizes minimal seam placement for comfort & maximum mobility. This really does help when pulling the suit on & off. The suit has been designed to be wind-Resistant, smoothskin provides extra insulation & protection against the cold.

This suit is not that buoyant, so is best if you want to use it for free diving.


What works well

  Materials are very good quality

  Comfortable to wear

  Very little leakage from neck area & appendage openings 

  Good flexibility, not restrictive

  Easy to put on & take off

  Good value for money

  Good construction, cut of the suit is very good

What didn’t

  Back zipper pops open regularly 

  Zipper breaks

  Trouble zipping up

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Conclusion: What are the best wetsuits

Wetsuits are quite an emotive subject with so many body shapes & sizes, getting the right one is never easy. Then you have to consider what you are using it for. There is a lot to consider. During our review we have found it is important to get your size right first in order to get the best wetsuits for you. Then a good size chart helps with picking the ideal size for you.

It is easy to spend a fortune when scuba diving but that is not necessarily the way with all the equipment. The wetsuit is a piece of equipment that you don’t have to spend crazy money on. Understanding what you need from your equipment and what works well for you. Will then help you form a decision based on knowledge. We hope after reading our review of the best wet suit. Will help you to decide & provide information that will help you make an informed decision.

Out of the six wetsuits we have reviewed the general opinion was the best wetsuits.  That is based on value for money, generally fitting well that kept you warm. With the size guide being accurate along with the quality of the cut we thought the O’Neills epic 4 / 3 mm was our pick. Overall people felt this was comfortable. It fitted well, and provided a good level of heat retention. Click here to check it out for yourself.

We would love to hear your thoughts & feedback on the best wetsuits you have purchased.


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