Dive bags: The best scuba bags to choose from in 2024

We all love scuba diving and snorkeling but if you use your own gear like i do, then you will need a dive bag. Dive bags come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Depending or what your water activity is, will depend on what kind of bag you need. We have spent a large amount of time researching some great recommendations for you to save you time.

Our choice is the Cressi waterproof bag, but take a look through and see if you agree. 

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Cressi Waterproof Bag for Scuba and Freediving Equipment

Here is a quick  look at what we will be reviewing for you, incase you just want to jump straight into the one you want and grab and go now.

So here is our full review. take a look at the bottom of this review for a buyers guide and useful information they may help you in your choice.

  • 100% Polyester
  •  Heavy Duty 37” x 15” X 15″ Mesh Bag Stores All Your Equipment For Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling. Perfect for travel, fits your fins, goggles, mask, wetsuit, regulator, shoes, BCD and more.
  • This Snorkel Bag is built to last, while keeping the price tag down. Constructed of durable 600D Polyester and mesh, the dive bag is functional, yet durable.
  • Carry it over your shoulder or hand carry as a tote.
  • Open air mesh Design allows for easy drying, avoiding mold or mildew on your dive equipment. Rinse your gear right in the bag, and allow to air dry. Ideal for all water sports.

Beyond its storage capacity, this mesh bag is comfortable and ergonomic. Made with durable fabric, this bag is lightweight, yet rugged enough to carry your fins, facemask, towels, snorkels, extra clothes, etc. The ventilated mesh allow for exceptional airflow, keeping equipment protected from stale odor caused by sweat and dirt. Great for scuba divers, snorkelers, and swimmers. This mesh duffel bag is designed to make storage and transportation simple and convenient.

“This bag is perfect for scuba gear — fits all my gear easily, and the straps are long enough to toss over my shoulder for an easy trek from hotel to dive boat. Given airlines’ tendency to be rough on checked luggage, I packed the bag inside a suitcase for air travel, but more to protect my gear than the bag. However, it has stood up well to multiple boat dives. The mesh allows water to drain off quickly.”

  •  The spacious mesh bags are great for most sports equipment including snorkeling & scuba gear.
  •  The mesh beach bag material allows you to quickly and easily rinse any salt water, sand, dirt or mud off through your mesh bag while your gear is still inside. The mesh helps your scuba gear to quickly air dry.
  • Easily store small size items that you would like to keep separate from the main shoulder bag such as cameras, etc. This large duffle bag also comes with a convenient storage pocket built right in on the inside of the bag to hide personal items.
  • The included shoulder strap allows for easier carrying especially when loaded with a lot of gear (up to 35 lbs) .

No more worrying about fitting all your gear with our mesh gear bag. The Kraken Aquatics mesh duffle gear bag will easily fit a large amount of equipment for just about any sport. Perfect for scuba divers, snorkelers, swimmers, campers, sports teams or even a family headed to the beach for some fun. This spacious bag has plenty of room and then some.

“I live on the Big Island and use this for my snorkeling gear. Fits all my snorkeling gear with a wetsuit and beach towel and fresh clothes for after. Without the suit and towels, you could probably fit 3-4 sets of gear. The mesh is great for drying and/or lazy cleaning by just hosing down the whole bag.”

  • A large and roomy bag, plenty of space for storage. Internal capacity of 4. 75 cu ft (135 liters).
  • It is made from a strong radio frequency (RF) welded seam PVC and is waterproof, perfect for carry in a boat.
  • Durable straps for carrying any style.
  • 2 Shoulder straps and handle straps on both ends of the bag.
  • Draining cap for washing bag and equipment at the same time!
  • Measurement: 37. 43″ x 13. 40″ x 16. 55″ (95 x 34 x 42 cm).

The bag is long enough to hold even the long free diving fins. It is made from a strong radio frequency (RF) welded seam PVC and is waterproof. Equipment can be washed with water while still inside the bag. Once you have finished washing your gear the bag has a special draining cap situated at one end to let water out easily and conveniently. Comes with handy top grab carry handles and two straps that can also be used as shoulder straps. No water comes out when transported, even by car.

“This is a great bag for scuba. Took it on dive trip and it held 2 BCD’s, 2 sets of fins, mask, snorkel, and 2 wet suits. Has a drainage plug on one end. Handles on both ends plus the shoulder straps make carrying easy. The material is thick and durable, though a few “scratches” after going through airport baggage, but that was to be expected.”

  •  Designed for dive gear but perfect for any on-the-go sport, our mesh bag carries all your equipment! Weighing just 1.85lbs and measuring 15”x15”x2,” it expands to 15”x15”x37.5” yet remains lightweight, strong and durable.
  •  With an exterior waterproof pocket, our sack saves you the hassle of carrying a second bag! Keep SCUBA equipment in the main compartment while valuables like your phone, car keys and a clean t-shirt are kept dry, hidden and secure.
  •  Designed with versatility in mind, our black duffle bag offers two carrying options! Use the side handles for pick-up-and-go portability, or use the removable, adjustable nylon shoulder strap with neoprene pad to haul heavier loads.

SCUBA diving is a fun way to stay active and enjoy the the beauty of the underwater world. But wet or sandy gear can become a problem, especially when it comes in contact with your phone, dry clothes or other valuables. With a SCUBASåk, carrying your equipment is completely hassle-free! Made with heavy-duty mesh, our duffle bag holds dive gear and facilitates the drying process. rom the Swedish words meaning “Forest, Creek, Coast”. At S.Å.K. we produce functional, durable products for outdoor enthusiasts with a focus on all-weather protection. Our goal is to design and manufacture uniquely simple, yet highly functional gear that is attractive enough for daily use.

“This product is the perfect dive bag! It has all the storage I need for my fins and the rest of my gear. The waterproof pockets are a brilliant addition to the exterior. How many times have you wanted to bring your phone, dive log, a book, or other items out on a dive but had no place to keep them safe and dry?! I highly recommend it. Build quality is great as well – no issues.”

 Whatever you place inside of this gear bag will be able to dry with ease due to its unique airflow design

 Use it at the beach for wet towels, at the gym for your sneakers and towels, for your scuba diving gear, your sports equipment and anything else

 Our bag measures Medium 10″ x 18″ , or Large 13″ x 19″ giving you plenty of room for your essentials; Slip pockets on the front and sides give you extra storage space


Carrying sweaty, wet or muddy gear can be a real hassle with an ordinary gym bag or gear bag. Inside of those basic bags, your gear never dries, which can lead to the development of mold and the growth of odor causing bacteria. Gross! Fortunately, there is a better way for you to tote the dirtiest, wettest or sweatiest gear anywhere! The Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag is the answer. The Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag is unlike other gym bags and beach bags on the market today because it’s made out of heavy-duty mesh material. Although the bag is built tough to stand up to wear and tear, its breathable weave allows air to circulate through the bag, allowing whatever is inside to air out and to dry. Measuring in 2 sizes: Medium 10″ x 18″ , or Large 13″ x 19″ the Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag can be used in so many ways. It’s the perfect: – Pool or beach bag for your wet towels, swimsuit and sunscreen  Scuba-diving and snorkeling gear bag.

“I was looking for a mesh bag for mine and my husband’s snorkel gear that was more than a drawstring and less than a scuba bag. When it first arrived I was concerned it would be too small for 2 sets of fins, fin socks and 2 full face snorkel masks along with small odds and ends. But I have to say everything fits perfectly with room for more small items. It’s a great bag that looks sturdy enough for years of use.”

 Dimensions L x W x H                 15.31 x 7.95 x 2.8 “
Package Weight              ‎              0.55 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎             16 x 7.3 x 3.1 inches
Item Weight                                  0.13 Pounds
Brand Name ‎                                 LISH
Model Name                                 ‎Tn-1218031
Color                                             ‎Blue
Material                                        ‎Polyester


Carry your duffle any way you want to. Durable, hook-and-loop secured tote handles let you feel confident to grab and go, while the removable and adjustable shoulder strap lets you throw the whole mess over your shoulder when it’s time to head home. We’ve also made it easy to store the duffle when not in use: simply fold it back into the attached zipper pouch, and stash it away! Crafted of heavy duty, 600D polyester and mesh, this sturdy dive bag is designed to withstand season after season of frequent use. Full length zippers allow for quick access to items inside, and are rust-resistant for durability.

“All of my gear has some sort of pink on it, so I wanted a mesh bag that was pink as well. I also wanted the bag to hold ALL of my gear! This exceeds that expectation. In this bag I have my BC, a 5 mm wetsuit, a rash guard, a regulator (in a regulator bag, and my snorkel gear (fins, boots, mask, snorkel all in a snorkel gear bag). The only thing I do not have in this bag is my weights, but they could easily fit, I just didn’t want the bag to be too heavy. It has extra side pockets if you have small items like anti fog spray. It all folds up into itself for easy storage if needed. Quality seems good, but time will tell how good. Overall, I’m ecstatic with this purchase!”

  • Size: 25.6” x 13.8” x 13.8”
  • Material:Polyester+Rubber mesh
  • Top zipper to easily get gear in and out
  • Open air mesh Design allows for easy drying
  • Easy to carry:The scuba gear bag can folding into a 9.8″ x 7.8″ x 2.3″ round bag to saves space,it is also have multiple colors can be chosen.

The mesh material allows you to quickly and easily rinse any salt water, sand, dirt or mud off through your bag while your gear is still inside. The mesh allows any water to drain and helps your gear to quickly air dry. Mesh bag ideal for all water sports. Scuba, Snorkeling, Swim, Diving, Surfing and more. Perfect for travel by plane or car. Fits your fins, goggles, mask, wetsuit, regulator, shoes, BCD and more.

“This bag is perfect for carrying all of my dive equipment. Boots, gloves, 3mm shorty, light, knife, travel bcd, regulator/gauges. (No weights)
The strap is a bit thin so I added an old fuzzy seatbelt cover from the garage and it’s great. The mesh is thick and sturdy. It had no issue holding the weight. The zipper is stout but smooth.”


-Size at 29”x14”x14”. Weights 17oz
-Keep your gears dry and free from mildew.
-For equipment in any size and shape.
-3 pockets to stay organized.
-Special water resistant pocket to protect your personal electronics.


Constructed from water resistant mesh which helps to keep your gears dry fast. Never have to worry about mildew built up or losing your equipment in the sun, just place them in the bag and let nature do its job. Having problems with sand in the bag? No worry, just shake it off through the mesh. This UV resistant and able to withstand bending and stretching. This allows it to hold all sizes of gear effortlessly. This bag is also reinforced by 4 high strength panels so you can even store heavy equipment. 3 pocket design for all types of gears. 1 side mesh pocket for small gears. 1 large main pocket for large equipment. 1 water resistant pocket for phone and keys to prevent them from getting wet.

“This is a great diver’s gear bag. It is plenty large enough for fins, mask, snorkel, wet suit, gear, towels, extras… pretty much anything and everything you want to carry. Be careful, it’s big and roomy enough to easily overload and make heavy on your shoulder. I wish the “dry” pocket were a bit larger (for my dive logs and charts) but that’s a small “want” not need. So glad I purchased this bag for my scuba gear needs.”

  • Large outer pocket
  • 1 internal pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 1 top and 2 side carry handles
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 29.9×13.8×11.8inch / 76x35x30cm
  • Weight (Dry): 5.5lb./ 2,510g
  • Capacity: 92L

The BA0301 Mesh Roller Bag provides ample room for a full set of dive gear. Durable rubberized mesh and an oversized main compartment opening make this the perfect duffle bag for watersports. Durable smooth gliding wheels are a great addition to the bag as well as an internal pocket, shoulder strap and two heavy duty carry handles.

“These are what my husband and I have been looking for. The top opens wide for easy loading and unloading. It hold a full set of gear including fins. The bigger wheels make for easy pulling and the mesh is great for rinsing gear. The only thing that would make this bag better would be to put a pullout handle on it.”

  • Super strong chain mesh allows water and air flow
  • Oversized to fit all your gear – 29″ x 15″ x 15″
  • Comfortable backpack straps for easy carrying
  • Incredibly light and versatile – weighs under two pounds
  • Large water-resistant side dry pocket for personal items

Divers and watersports athletes know the importance of taking care of your gear and always having it on hand. The Meister Mesh Duffel Backpack Dive Bag is the oversized gear bag you need to carry all of your Scuba, snorkeling and other water gear. Constructed from super-strong double-layered Chain Mesh, it is designed to take a beating. This unique material allows water to drain and air to flow while not compromising on strength. This bag is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at less than two pounds. The Meister Mesh Dive Bag can be carried as a duffel bag or worn as a backpack using the comfortable shoulder straps. Flexible and versatile, the bag also conforms to the shape of your gear to minimize excessive bulk, with plenty of room for your fins, booties, mask, snorkel, and more! The bag features a large water-resistant dry pocket on one side, designed to shield your personal belongings from wet gear and soggy environments. Inside the bag there is a small mesh pocket for your wet accessories such as diving watches and defogger. Upgrade to the Meister Mesh Duffel Backpack Dive Bag w/ Dry Pocket and take the hassle out of managing your gear!

“By far the best mesh bag I have purchased thus far!!! Yes it actually is a mesh bag. The sides are constructed with multiple layers of mesh that are layered so as to keep the contents of the bag concealed!!! It doesn’t seem to interfere with air flow or prevent any drying. The exterior upper pocket is large enough to store all those extras that you might not want to get wet. Seem to actually be water proof!!! I was able to store my post dive hoodie in it during a rain shower and had a perfectly dry hoodie to put on after my dive. Great construction, super convenient, and at a really great price!!!”

Why Do You Need the Best Dive Bag?

Diving bags help you keep your dive gear organized, safe, and offer a convenient mode of transportation. Nothing is worse than trying to carry expensive gear over vast distances using your hands and arms…especially if you accidentally end up damaging them!

Most diving bags are made from waterproof materials that will ensure good protection for your items. The last thing you want is to have a ruined cell phone because you left it to be exposed to the elements while diving.

Types of Diving Bags

Standard Dive Bag

Your standard diving bag is the simplest way to carry things around. It will provide basic carrying capacity for your items. Most of the time these bags will be the duffel bag style where it’s just one large pouch to put everything in.  They are made from simple materials like nylon and provides a minimal level of water protection for your items.

The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t have any separator pockets, so your items will juggle around. This is not good if you have many delicate items in your bag, such as carbon fiber fins.

Scuba Diving Bag

A scuba bag is a bit different than the ordinary diving bag. Your scuba bag needs to be big enough to be able to hold all your bulky scuba equipment like a BCD.

Many times scuba divers travel vast distances to see the top dive locations around the world. Therefore the bag needs to be resilient enough to be taken on a plane. If you’ve seen how airline baggage handlers handle bags, you’ll know these bags need to be able to take a beating.

Not to mention if you plan to take your air tank…opt for the massive roller bags! A backpack dive bag might be out of the question.

Scuba Backpack

Scuba backpacks are similar to scuba dive bags, however, they have straps that allow you to carry the bag easily on your back.  This allows for the weight of the gear to be evenly distributed on your shoulders.

The scuba backpack has one big advantage when it comes to holding the BCD. Usually, it is mounted on the front of the backpack, making it very convenient to carry around.

Make sure your bag is specific to the activity you plan to do. This one holds spearguns, making it easier to traverse cliffs for the spearo.

Snorkel Gear Bag

Snorkel gear bags tend to be lightweight since the gear for snorkeling is minimal.

When you are looking for a snorkeling bag, you need to make sure that you find one that will provide you with enough space for your mask, fins, snorkel, and potentially any wetsuit gear you need to carry.

Dive Travel bag

A traveling bag needs to be able to sustain the stress of a long journey, be it by plane or by car.

A good traveling bag is able to keep your items safe during the journey, no matter your means of travel. Always look for bags that have shock pads on them.

Some divers opt to get the largest travel bag that’s allowed to be checked in on a plane and use the extra space for their personal items so they can minimize the number of bags on a trip.

Dive Bag Mesh

The mesh bags are used by people who want to carry less equipment when diving. Since the material has holes in the bag walls, this allows the items inside to dry faster than a normal bag. Usually, those bags are not that resistant to tear because of the lightweight material and because the holes can get snagged on rocks or gear.

Those bags are not waterproof, so only take one if you are going to carry items that can get wet.

Waterproof Dive Bags

Waterproof dive bags are made from water-resistant material. They don’t let the water slip through the walls of the bag and usually, the mouth of the bag is sealed in a special way to prevent water from leaking through there. Dry bags have a design where you roll the opening a few times then secure it with a clip.

You can use those bags to store valuable items that will not withstand the harsh salt water of the ocean or items that don’t belong in the water. These double up as dry bags so while you’re diving you can keep yours after dive clothes clean.

Just make sure you wash these bags from time to time as they can carry an odor if left wet for too long.

Roller Dive Bag

The roller dive bag is great because you don’t need to carry the weight of the gear on your body, but rather roll it around on the ground.

Make sure your roller bag has large enough wheels that won’t seize up from sand and debris. You’ll probably be doing some serious rolling over a wide variety of terrains, so it’s good to plan ahead so you don’t have to drag a bag with a stuck wheel.

How to Choose the Best Dive Bags – Buying Guide

Now that you’ve read all about the best dive bags on Amazon, have you decided which is the right model for you? If you’re still unsure or have some unanswered questions, there’s no need to worry. We’ve come up with a comprehensive buying guide below to help quell any of your concerns.

This guide will take you through each aspect and feature to consider to ensure that by the time you’re done reading, there will be no question as to which bag is right for you!


First off, you need to take a look at the size of bag you need. It could be the coolest, most efficient bag in the world but if it isn’t able to hold all of your supplies then it’s kind of pointless. We recommend actually measuring and weighing your gear so you have an idea that it will actually work instead of just eyeballing things.

On top of that, consider your mode of transportation. If you’ll be traveling in a car and will likely be stowing your bag in a trunk then you probably won’t be quite as limited on size and can go as big as you’d like.

However, if you’re traveling by plane you need to think about if you’re going to be checking or carrying on the bag. Most of us would prefer to take our bags as a carry-on to avoid checked bag fees and to ensure the contents’ safety.


Also look into how the bag model is laid out. Most will come with a large main compartment where you’ll fit most of your gear into.

However, there are some which not only have the large main compartment, but another internal zippered compartment for small valuables like keys, cards, IDs, etc. and external compartments like padded pockets for computers and more. Generally, the more compartments you have, the more expensive it will be though this isn’t a rule.

Moreover, take a look at the types of closures each compartment has. You’ll commonly find either a drawstring or a zippered closure to the main compartment. The benefits of a drawstring is that they’re quick and easy to close, and you can stretch out the bag for easier and quicker retrieval of gear.

However, they’re not as secure as zippers. Zippered closures are the most secure though they’re not as flexible as drawstrings.


Now, consider how you’d like to carry your bag. You’ll find either rolling wheels/handle, side handles, a top handle, or shoulder straps (or some combination of them).

Rolling Wheels – These operate like your regular rolling duffel bags you’d take on a vacation. Some come with rigid, telescoping handles like suitcases, while others have soft handles. These are great if you have particularly heavy baggage that would hurt to hold or carry on your shoulders for extended periods of time.

Side Handles – These usually come on duffle bags, and are great for carrying larger pieces of gear.

Top Handle – These are perfect for quick pick-up-and-go situations though aren’t feasible for longer periods of time.

Shoulder Straps – You’ll use these as backpacks, and typically they come with padding to make the load more bearable. These are great if you need your hands free for whatever reason. They also help to distribute the weight more evenly over the body so you’re less likely to end up with a kink in your side. Not only that, but they’re more likely to hold up for longer as opposed to duffels or rollers which can get torn up on rough or uneven terrain over time.


You need a dive bag that’s reliable and not going to begin to tear after a few months of use. Think about the fact that the bag is likely to encounter saltwater, which can easily break down many lesser-quality materials.

This is why we recommend rubber, PVC, and nylon which are all heavy-duty and made to hold up against being thrown around, dragged on the ground, and so on.

If you have mesh, we also recommend it be rubberized to avoid tearing and disintegrating from the saltwater.

Breathability and Draining

That brings us to our next point which is breathability and draining. Your bag should at least have one section made of mesh to allow leftover water from draining out while letting air come in and out so your equipment doesn’t end up soggy and smelly.

We all know that wet dive bags grow bacteria at a surprisingly fast rate, and no one wants to have to deal with that!

Tips For Choosing Dive Bags

#1: If you have any issues with back or neck discomfort or pain opt for a roller.
Rollers will alleviate any pressure on your upper body, and can ensure you don’t have any pain when you arrive to your destination. They also typically come with top handles in case you are on uneven ground and need to carry it.

#2: Make sure to keep your fins outside of the main compartment if possible.
Some of the best bags will come with exterior straps to hold them safe or a separate compartment away from the rest of your belongings.

#3: Try to dry out your gear before packing it up.
Sure, dive bags are made to be used in wet environments but to keep your gear lasting as long as possible, wash off the saltwater and dry them off before stowing away.

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A good wetsuit top to match with the rest of your wetsuit gear will keep your core warm and safe when in the water.

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