Goggles and Snorkel : The best 2024 has to offer!


Goggles and snorkels should offer you a crystal clear view of the underwater world. Along with breathing easily and fit comfortably. Without ever fogging or leaking. They also should be easy to use and rugged enough to take on years’ of ocean adventures.

But with so many different shapes, sizes, and designs available, buying a mask for snorkeling can be a little overwhelming. This is why we take so long reviewing and researching the best value for money goggles and snorkels.

Take a look at the top ten we have identified for you.
  • There were no leaks in the mask or the snorkel.
  • The mask is comfortable and the material feels good when putting it on.

Tempered glass lens lasts longer than regular; Comfort-fit liquid silicone skirt for water-tight seal, Hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece for comfort, especially suitable for long-term use in free snorkeling. Breathe easier underwater with the innovative dry snorkel that keeps air out until you’re ready to breathe in again. Soft, Flexible Bite Valve – The mouthpiece on our snorkeling tube is made from high-quality silicone that contours to your mouth and helps minimize jaw fatigue when you bite down and breathe.

  • The goggles are extremely comfortable easy to clean
  • Mouth piece was a nice fit

Enjoy maximum under-water visibility. Advanced lens shape design and tempered glass with anti-fog treatment means you’ll have a crystal clear underwater experience, no fog, especially for beginners. One piece glass design enables better and wider vision under water. Made out of 100% Silicone, this mouthpiece bends easily and reduces jaw fatigue. It fits better in your mouth and gain a comfortable experience in the water, this set fits both women and men.

  • Both valves work great.
  • These are really easy to adjust and Are really nice quality

The top float valve can be removed and become a wet snorkel for dry snorkel. You can take off the float valve for faster and deeper diving if you are a professional diver. It also can take on and prevent water from entering when submerged. This snorkel set is perfect for both professional and beginner. Purge Valve System – A one-way opening purge valve allows you to easily clear water from your snorkel for energy conservation and better breath control.  A unique one-piece, ergonomic, silicone mask design creates a tight yet comfortable seal against your face. Made of shockproof, anti-fog, tempered glass, our goggle lens gives a super clear 180° panorama view of the underwater world.

  • It really allows you to have a much better viewing experience while underwater
  • The mouthpiece is gentle and easy to hold

The dry snorkel designed with a splash resistant top ,prevents the water entering in when you descend below the waterline. Safety drain valve of the bottom of mask allow you expel the water out of the snorkel through quick exhale, providing a safe environment for diver. This snorkel mask for adults with fully adjustable elastic silicone strap easily adjust the snorkeling mask to fit any face shape well including adult, youth, men and women. The silicone skirt around the snorkel mask can fit the face well, providing seal and reducing face water pressure.

  • The seal on your face is tight, no water leaks
  • The masks are extremely comfortable and flexible.

Not even the hardest knock from the sharpest or heaviest object can crack or break the lens in this mask. It’s engineered to withstand deep water pressure, too. This high-tech, dry snorkel keeps air out until you’re ready to breathe in! No more surprise gulps of water in your mouth when you’re trying to breathe!

  • Holds a nice seal, the mask does not leak. good free dive performance 
  • The breathing tube is scientifically designed

Thanks to a Comfort Fit liquid silicone skirt, Speed Fit buttons for easy head strap adjustments, and a split silicone head strap, the mask provides an easy-to-adjust water-tight seal that is comfortable on the face. Made out of Silicone, this mouthpiece bends easily and reduces jaw fatigue. It fits better in your mouth and gain a comfortable experience in the water, this set fits both women and men.

  • Did not experience any fogging around the eyes which made it very easy to see underwater.
  • This snorkel mask is very comfortable to wear and provides a nice tight seal 

This mask has a very soft liquid silicone skirt that reduces the pressure on your face and seals your face well without worrying about leakage. Ratcheting buckle and comfortable elastic strap of the diving mask can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. Try to keep the breathing tube perpendicular to the water when using it. If the snorkel is tilted too much, it will enter the water.

  • The vision was great and it did not fog
  • Very sturdy and durable! No water gets into the tube at all

Snorkel mask with shatter-resistant glass lenses to withstand deep water pressure. Scratching resist lens instead of polycarbonate enables you a clearer view under water. When you dive into water the top valve seals the tube automatically. So no water gets into the snorkel tube and cause any choke, no salt water and panic feelings. Bottom valve also helps to prevents water comes from below and for cleaning. Quick release snorkel buckle easily attached to the mask. Flexible tube with soft silicone mouthpiece ergonomically designed for a proper fit, advanced comfortable mouthpiece helps minimize jaw fatigue. Best snorkeling experience ever.

  • The face mask is easy to adjust to the perfect fit
  • The snorkel is easy to fit in the mouth and is soft and flexible for comfort and good fit

You will have a 180° panoramic view with our snorkel set, you will enjoy your snorkeling more than ever before. Food grade liquid silicone skirt is bonded directly to the single tempered glass, to form a frameless design for excellent seal on the face. There is a push-button buckles to easily adjust strap length, suitable for youths and adults. The snorkel tube is made of food grade liquid silicone, flexible and foldable for easy storage.

  • Very comfortable to wear. No leaks. Works perfectly.
  • The quality is great and the warranty is even better

Advanced lens shape design and tempered glass with anti-fog treatment means you’ll have a crystal clear underwater experience, especially for beginners. One piece glass design enables better and wider vision under water. The advanced anti-splash system prevents water from entering the snorkel and the purge valve allows for easy clearing and draining water out of the snorkel. The mask and snorkel are manufactured using top grade materials. The silicon mask and mouth-piece provide maximum comfort and long-lasting performance.

Buyer’s Guide

A snorkel mask is a vital piece of equipment for your adventures because it not only provides you with a clear view, but also protects your eyes from the harsh elements of the underwater world.

This range of diving masks can be had in a plethora of designs, materials and features, but what’s most important is that you choose one that allows you to clearly focus on the surroundings when underwater, while keeping water out of your nose.

That said, here are a few aspects to consider when on the shopping trail for the best snorkel mask.

Snorkel Mask Type

Although all snorkel masks are designed with one goal in mind, to help you see underwater, they have to fit perfectly in order to do it right. Dive masks are available across a spectrum of types, and each one is geared towards different facial types.

Snorkel Mask No Purge 

These masks are the most common type available, and basically feature a plain rubber nose with no opening.

Snorkel Mask with Purge 

 This range of snorkel masks is fitted with a purge valve at the bottom, which is designed to clear out the trapped water by simply exhaling into it rather than lifting the mask off your face to drain it. Snorkel masks with purge valves not only help you clear the water easily, but also free up your hands to do other things such as underwater photography.

Furthermore, they’re also a great solution for divers who wear contact lenses and those with mustaches who sometimes may have trouble with fitting the mask properly. However, the pitfall of purge snorkel masks is that there’s one more piece to clean and then add to that the chance of malfunction.

Full Face Snorkel Masks 

This range of snorkel masks, just as the name suggests, covers your entire face, and provides both a wide angle of view and extra protection for your face.

Frameless vs. Framed Masks 

The lenses in the former are generally set closer to your eyes which results in a wider field of vision in all directions. Additionally, they are also mostly low volume and can be folded up easily compared to frame designs.

Small Fit Masks 

Owing to increasing popularity, some manufacturers sell smaller versions of their standard size masks to fit smaller faces. If you have a smaller face but can’t find the right features and high quality construction in children’s snorkel masks, this range of masks is worth checking out.

Snorkel Mask Comfortability

A snorkel mask that doesn’t fit right or offer you the right level of comfort can be your archenemy underwater. The skirt of snorkel masks is the part that creates a seal with your face, and generally wraps around your eye area without any gaps.

The best snorkel masks feature skirts made from hypoallergenic silicone, with the thickness and suppleness varying across models. Some skirts mold to your face like a glove to provide a comfortable watertight seal, while cheap snorkel masks mostly showcase stiff edges that sometimes dig into your skin.

Additionally, straps play an equally important role towards the overall comfort of the diving mask. They can be made from rubber, silicone or neoprene, each with their own share of advantages.

Regardless of the type of material you choose, the best snorkel mask straps tend to adjust easily, quickly and stay that way during your dives. Furthermore, the right buckles make it easy to adjust the strap and consequently add to the comfort quotient of the respective snorkel mask.

Snorkel Mask Volume

The volume of a snorkel mask refers to the amount of air space inside, where low volume or low-profile snorkel masks can be quickly cleared of water and sit closer to the face, and high volume masks offer extended peripheral vision and a feeling of openness.

While choosing between the two boils down to personal preference, low volume masks, given that they hold very little air, are generally a go-to choice for spear fishers, freedivers and technical divers.

Snorkel Mask Lens

Lenses are an important component that distinguish one mask from another, and determine how a respective mask can be used. They are mostly made from tempered glass with few models fitted with plastic lenses for a lighter footprint. Snorkel mask lenses come in several different styles such as:

Single Pane lenses 

This range of masks is fitted with a single pane without the divider. They are generally preferred by people with smaller faces who like to enjoy unobstructed peripheral vision. On the downside, they are a bit heavier than double pane snorkel masks because of the extra single glass and cannot accept true corrective lenses. You can, however, use them with separate prescription glasses.

Double Lenses 

 These are distinguished by two separate panes of glass held together by a frame. Few of the noteworthy benefits of dual pane snorkel masks are that they can accommodate optical lenses for divers with vision problems, and are much easier to clear and equalize since they sit closer to your face. They also greatly reduce the internal volume of the mask.

Multi-Lens Snorkel Masks 

These can be either single or two window snorkel masks with side panes to enhance peripheral vision as well as welcome more light. The airy feel this range of masks offers works great for divers who are prone to claustrophobia. One of the downsides, however, of multi lens snorkel masks is that the intersection of the side and front lenses can lead to distortion at depth and create blind spots.

Prescription/Corrective Lens Masks – If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, you may want to check snorkel mask models that can be fitted with corrective lenses.

Understand what You need

As with any piece of scuba or snorkel gear you buy, it’s important to take a moment to think about what you need from your snorkel mask, and what exactly you plan to use it for.

Do you just want a mask for snorkeling, or are you do you want to use it for freediving or scuba diving as well? Are you after a wide, panoramic view or a slim, low profile design? These aren’t always mutually exclusive, but it’s good to sort your priorities from the get-go. Otherwise, you’ll waste a ton of time looking at snorkel masks that don’t actually fit your needs.

What kinds of snorkeling masks do you find most comfortable? Are you experienced, or a total beginner? Answering all these questions upfront will help you narrow down your options and quickly choose between our recommendations.

If you want to go freediving in your mask, or enjoy diving down more than a few feet then opt for a low volume design. If the mask has a large internal volume it’ll be difficult to equalize and will cause an uncomfortable squeeze as you descend.

Key Features To Look For

In addition, to fit, the best snorkel masks will feature some, if not all of these features:

A flexible and wide silicone skirt that has good contact with your skin will create the best seal. Plastic won’t create a good or comfortable seal and rubber becomes brittle and cracks over time. So it’s best to avoid these materials.

Anti-fog properties on the lens help keep your mask from fogging up.

Tempered glass: The lenses should be made from tempered glass which is super strong and shatterproof to protect your eyes.

Stick With Reputable Manufacturers

We stress this in all our buying guides, but we think it’s worth mentioning again here. Don’t skimp and go for a cheap, knock-off snorkel mask!

Stick with reputable brands that have proven track records for making high quality gear. It’s not worth buying something cheap that’ll break quickly and put you at risk.

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