Kids Wetsuits : Why do your kids need one?


Wetsuits are a key necessity when it comes to watersports, especially for children. I know when I take my children to the ocean the first thing I make sure they have is their kids wetsuits. No one wants their children getting cold. Kids Wetsuits are important. Because wetsuits are specifically designed to help keep the body protected from cold and warm temperatures. Along with harmful sunburn, and UV rays. Also any harmful stimuli present in water or from the water itself. So we have all drawn on our experiences and spent over 30 hours researching the best kids wetsuits out there for you to chose the one you want.

A look ahead at our choice of Kids wetsuits

     Skyone kids Wetsuit

In order to feel completely comfortable and confident in the water. It is important to find the right size wetsuit. That will allow your child to fully enjoy their sport as much as possible. If you are not a water sport fan yourself, or a beginner, then this may prove a bit of a challenge at first.

Therefore, to help you out, we have decided to look at seven of the best kid’s wetsuits currently on the market! Normally we go with six, but we thought what the hell, let’s do seven. These are seven high quality wetsuits which come from different brands. Which are sure to inspire you when it comes to shopping for your kid’s next wetsuit.

First we will take a look at the benefits of wearing a wetsuit. As well as the types of wetsuits for kids. To give you an idea of why it’s important for your child to wear one when they are out on the water.

Benefits of Wearing a Wetsuit for Kids

It has been proven that wearing a wetsuit has more advantages than disadvantages. Wetsuits provide peace of mind when it comes to getting into the water. As they help protect the body against a number of different factors.


As the seasons change, so does the water temperature. Wearing a wetsuit might be required to keep the body warm and insulated. There is literally nothing worse than being out on the water and becoming too cold. When it comes to your child, you will not want your little one to freeze when in the water. Hypothermia is not an option, so a wetsuit can make all the difference.


With a good quality wetsuit, your body remains protected from harmful UV rays and sunburn. This can be especially useful during warmer seasons or in warm climates. As sunstroke is not what you want when out on the water as it can lead to you becoming ill. As well as this. A wetsuit can also protect your body from any potential jellyfish stings or bites from anything lurking in the waters. Abrasion from fast currents and waves can also be prevented when wearing a wetsuit. This means when wearing a good quality wetsuit. Your child will be completely protected. Allowing them to enjoy their water sport to the best of their ability.


Wetsuits are said to also provide more buoyancy which means it takes less effort to swim. This will leave the wearer with a little extra energy which would in most cases be appreciated. For children who may be learning to swim. This is also a great feature of a wetsuit as it may help them when they run out of energy. Then panic in the water as it will help to keep them stay afloat at the same time.

The Fit

Before investing in a kids wetsuit, ensure it fits your kid well. This can only be done by trying them before purchase and not estimating. However, if you like purchasing things in online stores. check the return policy in case the suit fails to fit your kid. Wetsuits are meant to be snug to fit children properly. If you purchase a loose wetsuit, water can easily run freely into the body of your kid. Water can also loosen the insulating properties of the wetsuit.

Types of Wetsuits for Kids

There are generally three different types of wetsuits that you can buy for kids. This includes ones that cover the entire body. Also known as one-piece suits, and these offer the most protection. Then there are the short ones which end just above the knees and provide short sleeves rather than long. These are more popular for swimming in comparison to scuba diving. Where a little more protection would be preferred when diving deep into the water. The third style is one which features long legs but no arms, and this is known as the ‘farmer john’ style of suit.

The best type of wetsuit for your child depends on the sport that they are carrying out. However, most can be used for sports above water. Whereas the full body one piece styles are preferred for scuba diving, under the water.


This is an essential factor to consider although in kids’ wetsuits it’s not as crucial like for the adults. The reason behind it is that the kid is still growing, and the suit may last for one or two seasons. However, this doesn’t mean that you should look for low-quality kids’ wetsuits. The cheap and low-quality ones are uncomfortable and have seams which stick up. On the other side, you don’t want to purchase a very costly wetsuit that will last for one or two seasons. Select a medium quality wetsuit. That will offer the required comfort and protection at a relatively lower price. The quality of a wetsuit can be judged by the strength of the seams. High-quality wetsuits tend to have more secure seams.

So lets take a look at some great options we have identified for you guys.

Hevto Vigor Kids Wetsuits

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Skyone kids Wetsuit



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NATYFLY Kids Wetsuit




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Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits


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Dark Lightning 3/2mm Kids Wetsuit

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O’Neill Youth Reactor-2 3/2mm

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DIVE & SAIL Kids 2.5mm



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In conclusion, these are some of the top things to consider when choosing the right wetsuits for your kids. You can also consider the chest zip or back zip. Most traditional kids wetsuits have back zips for easy entry. Today, things have changed, and we have wetsuits with chest zips which are more flexible and watertight to disallow water entry. Follow the above tips, and you won’t get disappointed or feel that your money hasn’t been spent in the wrong way. You can also seek advice from someone you trust. For our pick on the above kids wetsuits was the Skyone, it fit kids well of all sizes, kept them warm and also looked good.

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