What is the best time to scuba dive?

What time is the best time to scuba dive

So, when do you want to scuba dive? What do you want to see when your diving? And of course, where do you want to go scuba diving? The answer to these questions will narrow down the answer to your original question, what is the best time to scuba dive? There is a simple way to look at this.

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As long as the sea isn’t lurching about due to wind then anytime really!

I suppose the “best” time would be when the water is relatively flat and it’s not raining. However I have dived in the rain (it’s a little weird knowing it’s pouring down but you’re, for once, standing there briefing the dive and no one cares because you’re going to get wet anyway) and I’ve dived in waves, both from the shore (That’s interesting – you have to crawl if they’re buffeting you around too much that you always fall over) and boat (when you surface and it’s one of those boats with the large wooden stabilizers like you get in the Philippines then watch your head!)

It also helps if you can see, for instance if you are going for a shore dive and the waves are a bit choppy kicking up the seabed, which has happened to me. we couldn’t see a thing and regularly couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces. We used a buddy line which is a bright yellow strap we connect each other with. Probably not ideal if you are there to check out the seabed.

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For me, my favourite time to go diving depends on what I want to see! Mating mandarin fish do so at dusk, so if I wanted to see them, that is when I’d go. If I want to see pygmy seahorses mating, it’s a very early morning dive. If I want a completely different set of critters, I will go out at night!

I have never had a night dive where I didn’t see something I’d never seen before 🙂 I’ve been diving in the rain and looking up at it while at a safety stop is wonderful and the sound is soothing 🙂 that said, it’s harder to warm up between dives! I’ve been diving in high current where I just drifted along and watched the reef pass buy, like in a movie, it was magical. Though I prefer dives that let me explore the tiniest of critters.

When it is a nice day, the visibility is excellent you feel good and you want to dive, and don’t forget your buddy he has to feel the same is basically the best time for when you want to scuba dive.

Here are a couple of examples of what time it is best to scuba dive, in different locations around the world.

Best time to dive in Maldives

It is possible to dive in the Maldives all year round:

The Wet Season with rain, winds and waves runs from May to August reducing the visibility, but diving is still good. It is usually heavy short rains followed by sunshine 😉

The Best visibility and dry weather is from December to March

The Hottest season is from April to June

The High Plankton density in May reduces visibility but does attract Manta Rays and Whale Sharks!

The best season for scuba diving is from January to April with very good visibility and excellent sea conditions.

Most of the Liveaboards operate from November to May.

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Best time to dive in Costa Rica

Scuba Diving is available year round with air temperatures around 27°C/82°F in winter and 33°C/92°F in summer. The diving is great all year.

The country has a dry season from December to April and the wet season is from May to November.

The Rainy season is not constant rain. The mornings are usually sunny and rain can be expected in the afternoons. Serious divers find that the rainy season is generally better. Bull sharks are found in large numbers around Bat Islands then.

Along the Pacific side the wet season also brings any migratory pelagic to the area. Also there are fewer general tourist, so shops are not as crowded and accommodations have lower prices.

Best time to dive in The Caribbean

The classic answer of when to go would be year round with a warning about the hurricane season from June 1 to November 30. The Caribbean covers a great distance and the hurricane threat is not uniform. The southern Caribbean has a much lower threat than the eastern section. Honduras and Belize are also out of the hurricane belt.

While individual tolerances differ, most divers will dive without a wet suit in the summer months. A rash guard or dive skin is a good recommendation. In the winter months, a 3mm wet suit is generally enough. Many divers in the southern Caribbean find they can dive year round without a wet suit.

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